I’m Neal.

I’m an entrepreneur, teacher, and nonprofit leader. I love solving meaningful problems and helping people make progress.

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Who I Am

Born and raised in Chicago.

Chicago has been my home my whole life. I went to a mix of public and private schools growing up. I got 'lucky' and earned acceptance to Northwestern University, where I served as student body president among other things. I also started and ran a few businesses. Then I taught myself how to code and build apps. It felt harder than it should be, so I started a school to make it easier for others to learn how to code too. So far, we’ve taught thousands of children and adults, many of whom have gotten great jobs, some have even started their own businesses. I’m really proud of them.

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Entrepreneur. Teacher. Nonprofit Leader.

I’ve spent my life building businesses, educating students, and serving people in need. My purpose is to make what was possible for me, possible for everyone.


What I'm up to


I’m currently the CEO of CodeNow, a national nonprofit that teaches young people the skills they need for 21st-century jobs.

CodeNow's Website


I work with Basecamp to share their free for teachers and students project management software to Chicago-area schools.

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I love Chicago and I want it to be better. I'm taking the time to have conversations with people about what they enjoy and how they struggle in our city.

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I started the first coding bootcamp in the country. We've taught more than 1,500 students from 40 states and 15 countries. Our work helped fuel the learn to code movement that has swept the nation.



Adjunct Professor Northwestern University's McCormick School of Engineering

I teach Northwestern Engineering students how to start technology companies.

My Faculty Bio

Adjunct Professor Northwestern University's Pritzker School of Law

I teach NU law students how to identify problems in the field of law that can be solved with technology and entrepreneurship.

Info about Innovation Lab

Faculty Coach University of Chicago’s Booth School of Business

I help UChicago B-schoolers learn the basics of web application development.

Info on App Development

Teacher CPS’ Dyett High School

I teach high schoolers the basics of entrepreneurship and software development. They're learning how to make their ideas real with code and how to help their communities with technology.

Dyett's Website

Boards and Committees I Serve On

Chiaravalle Montessori School

Turing School of Software and Design

Museum of Science and Industry

School of the Art Institute of Chicago

Chicago Coalition for the Homeless

National Winter Sports Education Foundation

Chicago Youth Centers

Mount Carmel High School


One Illinois


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I love meeting new people, and figuring out how I can help.